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titanium dioxide paint protection

If you are interested intitanium dioxide paint protection,Titanos Group Headquarter has found 3 related results, so you can compare and shop! Try finding the one that is right for you by choosing the price range, brand, or specifications that meet your needs.

Products :titanium dioxide paint protection


CR8092 Rutile titanium dioxide paint

CR8092 Rutile Titanium Dioxide Pigment is a multipurpose rutile titanium dioxide pigment suitable for both interior and exterior coating

HR992 Rutile Titanium Dioxide Pigment

HR992 Rutile Titanium Dioxide Pigment is produced with China unique chloride process technology, it is an excellent general-purpose grade rutile titanium dioxide pigment and designed with good gloss, excellent opacity, easy dispersion and nice whiteness.

titanium dioxide for Industries use titanium dioxide industry

Titanium dioxide is named titania, the molecular formula is a polycrystalline TiO2, the main component of the titanium dioxide (TiO2) white pigment.

Rutile titanium dioxide ATR-312 for Industries use

Architectural coatings, indoor and outdoor, general purpose industrial coatings, powder coatings, marine and protective coatings, plastics, rubber, inks, paper, primer and primers. Anadal ATR-312 titanium dioxide belongs to a new generation of high-grade rutile titanium dioxide.

TA100 Anatase Titanium Dioxide Pigment titanium dioxide paint

TA100 Anatase Titanium Dioxide Pigment is a single-purpose anatase titanium dioxide with sulfate process. It has good whiteness and easy dispersion.

titanium dioxide tablet titania particles

TA101 Anatase Titanium Dioxide Pigment is a multi-purpose anatase titanium dioxide produced by sulfate process, with excellent whiteness, nice dispersion and better cost performance.