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Water based aluminum silver paste science knowledge

2019-03-08 17:13:39

Water based aluminum silver paste science knowledge

As a part of the “active” inside the pigment family, I believe that aluminum silver paste is definitely a material that many engineers love and hate. Love is because aluminum silver paste has the metallic appearance characteristics that other pigments do not have, which can improve the overall appearance of the paint film, and also can well protect the stability of the paint film. Hate, because the main component of aluminum silver paste is "aluminum", and aluminum is notoriously active metal, it is easy to oxidize when exposed to air. Therefore, in the process of using aluminum silver paste, a slight inadvertent occurrence of oxidation, flatulence and agglomeration is likely to occur. Especially with the continuous advancement of environmental protection policies, the emergence of water-based aluminum silver paste has made many customers have a headache in the process of using water-based aluminum silver paste.



So, how can we let us have the metal appearance effect of aluminum silver paste itself, and can avoid the defects of aluminum silver paste which are easy to be oxidized and agglomerated? It is not difficult to achieve the above requirements. Today, Xiaobian has sorted out several points that need attention in the process of using aluminum silver paste, especially water-based aluminum silver paste.

1. Strictly follow the steps of first test sample, sample test, machine test and mass production. You must not try the sample and you can directly produce it. This is a very irresponsible behavior.

2, must use the performance indicators of the products used are tested and confirmed in large quantities. It must not be checked by the raw material manufacturer after confirming that it can meet the performance requirements, because the raw material manufacturer often checks the method or the other raw materials selected to be different from the customer, which is prone to performance deviation.

3, in time has been mass production, in each batch of new goods to the factory must require raw material manufacturers to produce product inspection reports, and they must also be sampled in time to test, to confirm the stability of the product batch. In case of problems, you should also communicate with the raw material manufacturers in time to solve the problem in time.

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