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Titanium dixoide used in functional nanometer paperboard

2019-02-16 14:39:12

           Titanium dixoide used in functional nanometer paperboard.Sterile gas is injected in the manufacture of natural pulp, which has the function of preventing bacterial invasion and can be used in the packaging of medical instruments.Titanium dixoide newly developed nano-composite functional paper can effectively solve the discoloration problem of silver antibacterial agents. It is non-toxic, low cost and has good antibacterial effect on most common microorganisms, such as escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and aspergillus Niger.

           Nanoparticles can be added to paper, plastic, cartons and composite materials for packaging food, can extend the shelf life of packaged food.The paper made of porous inorganic substance and organic flavonol can absorb the isoodour of ammonia.At about 30mm, titanium dixoide has strong antibacterial and deodorizing functions, so the paper made of it has deodorizing functions.

           Dip the paper that besmear candle can improve moistureproof performance, can make the rainproof bag that fruit tree grows seedling, dew proof bag.If mixed with nano far infrared powder, this powder USES high-quality natural minerals as raw materials, and is processed by special nano powder preparation technology to become functional ultra-fine powder.When it absorbs the heat from the outside world, it can release far infrared ray with the wavelength of 4-14 micron. It has the special function of far infrared radiation. It is harmless to human body and can receive the obvious effect of keeping warm and dehumidifying.

           The paper made of specially treated pulp has good heat resistance and vapor absorption, and can be used as a packing box for microwave food.If adulterated with nano-uv powder, the powder itself is non-toxic and harmless, can shield, absorb ultraviolet radiation, with an obvious ability to prevent ultraviolet radiation.The cardboard mixed with it can withstand high temperature.The paper made by mixing aluminum hydroxide with natural pulp or by mixing phosphorylated pulp with glass fiber has good heat resistance and fire resistance.Such as adding nano light color conductive powder made of cardboard, with fire resistance, high temperature performance.

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