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Titanium dixoide for use in cosmetics

2019-02-11 16:17:41

        Titanium dixoide for use in cosmetics.Titanium dixoide doesn't have any side effects in cosmetics, only whitening and concealing. It's also used in many sunscreens. You know why?

        Titanium dixoide is an inorganic pigment in white powder form, also known as titanium white, which is often used as whitening agent in skin care products. It sounds like chemical substances, but in fact, titanium dixoide has been used in many beauty makeup and skin care products, so you can use it as much as you like.

         Titanium dixoide is known to many of you as a physical sunscreen that gets your sun protection.But at the same time, titanium dixoide is also a colorant and it's great for whitening!Although it is temporary whitening.Titanium dixoide comes in a variety of forms and particle sizes.Different particle sizes are used for different purposes, mainly because of different particle sizes, which makes titanium dixoide used for different purposes.



         When making physical sunscreens, the required particle size is relatively small. Nano-scale titanium dixoide is usually used. Visible light of this kind of small titanium dixoide can be directly penetrated, that is, it is not easy to feel the whitening when applying it.More specifically, titanium dixoide is more suitable for use as a sunscreen.When titanium dixoide is used as a sunscreen, it is generally marked "titanium dixoide" in the ingredient list.

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