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Titanium dioxide is an important white pigment

2019-01-07 18:13:38

       We are a professional chemical pigment supplier, the company is headquartered in Shanghai, China, the main production and sales of titanium dioxide.We have a professional research and development team, the production of titanium dioxide sold around the world.The quality of the company's products can be guaranteed, is a pharmaceutical production license manufacturers.Titanium dioxide is an important white pigment.For paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber, watercolor pigments and other industries.



      Titanium dioxide is the whitest thing in the world.It is five times whiter than the usual white pigment, zinc-barium white, so it is the best pigment for white paint.Titanium dioxide, which is used as a pigment in the world, can reach hundreds of thousands of tons a year.Titanium dioxide can be added to paper to make it white and opaque, 10 times more effective than other substances.Now with the improvement of people's living standard and the intensification of international competition, the research and development of safe and effective sunscreen cosmetics will gradually increase.The sunscreen cosmetics market in developed countries has shown strong vitality.From 1999 to 2000, the annual sales of the United States has reached $737 million, 765 million, the United Kingdom reached $245 million, 270 million, and in recent years, respectively, at the rate of more than 20%, 10% growth, including the use of nano titaium dioxide has also increased significantly year by year.



      The annual demand of nano titanium dioxide in Japanese anti-uv cosmetics is more than 1000t, and the consumption of textile, plastic and rubber products is larger.From the perspective of the development trend of sunscreen cosmetics, the first is inorganic sunscreen instead of organic sunscreen, the second is bionic sunscreen.Latter cost is bigger, popularize hard nowadays, former price moderate, and prevent bask in function superior, be valued generally consequently.Nanometer titanium dioxide, in particular, has better development momentum and market potential because of its superior performance and application prospect.

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