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The role of canthaxanthin

2019-03-01 17:01:59

The role of canthaxanthin.



Feed addition
Food Additive International Code: INS161g) is mainly used as an animal feed additive to make the color of egg yolk and poultry more vivid, and the color of salmon is more rosy.
Food coloring
Canthaxanthin can also be used as a coloring agent for foods such as jams, candies, syrups, sauces, and carbonated beverages. However, canthaxanthin is more commonly used in animal feed than as a coloring agent.



Sunburn pill
Canthaxanthin is also associated with sun-tanning pills, which are popular in foreign countries. Due to the antioxidant properties of canthaxanthin, it is believed that taking it can increase the skin's ability to resist UV rays. Because it can accumulate in the fat layer of the skin after ingestion, and let the skin produce a brown-like change. Some tanning agents use this natural pigment, but are not approved by the FDA.

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