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The choice of waterborne aluminum silver paste in latex balloon industry

2019-03-22 17:09:12

Latex balloons are a brand new field for the water-based aluminum silver paste industry. At the same time, water-based aluminum silver paste is also a relatively unfamiliar material for the latex balloon industry. In the early stage of cooperation, the two will inevitably encounter various problems. At the beginning of the cooperation, Mantebo also encountered various problems, such as agglomeration, fast extinction, and many bubbles. However, through the close technical cooperation with many balloon manufacturers, we have accumulated a lot of industry experience and lessons, and now we have a more in-depth understanding of the entire industry, and the products produced at this stage have been recognized by the market. As a deep-growing person in the water-based aluminum silver paste industry, I would like to talk to you about the choice of water-based aluminum silver paste in latex balloons today:



Early latex balloons did not use water-based aluminum paste, but more pearl powder. Ordinary balls will be brighter in color than pearl balls, but in light or sunlight, the pearl ball is more reflective than ordinary balls and looks brighter than ordinary balls. In countries where the foreign balloon industry is developed, the pearl ball is highly sought after. In addition to the 8 basic colors, the pearl ball color also has transition colors such as light green, light blue, and light purple. In addition, there are special colors that are not available in ordinary balls: gold and silver. These two colors are also called metallic colors. However, with the continuous advancement of environmental protection indicators, more and more balloon manufacturers have begun to transform environmentally friendly balloons. The water-based aluminum silver paste naturally becomes a substitute for pearlescent.

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