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Several misunderstandings of water based aluminum silver paste

2019-02-20 11:53:41

Several misunderstandings of water-based aluminum silver paste

1. Is it not good to have a low water-based aluminum paste?

It is well known that water-based aluminum silver paste is mainly coated in water, so it is not surprising that the final product contains water. Many guests will pay more attention to the solid content of water-based aluminum paste, the higher the better. Actually, we really should pay attention to the difference in the effect of adding to the same system and the same amount of addition. I believe this is what the guests really need, not the superficial and superficial, just like people can't be seen. Maybe a big force can break out under a thin body?


2. The finer the water-based aluminum silver paste, the better the hiding power?

First of all, I have to be sure that the finer the hiding power of the water-based aluminum silver paste, the better. However, this is not the fundamental way to solve the problem, because the factor that really affects the hiding power is the arrangement of the aqueous silver paste. When the aqueous aluminum paste can be arranged in parallel, its hiding power will be very good. If the water-based aluminum silver paste is arranged in a mess, it will affect the hiding power, so how to control the silver is the most important.

3. The finer the water-based aluminum silver paste, the better the white brightness?

This problem is similar to the second question above, that is, this is also related to the silver platoon. Because if the silver row is relatively flat, then the naked eye will look more regular and look brighter. On the contrary, if the silver platoon is more messy, there will be some darkness and the overall effect is not good.

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