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How to identify the true and false of titanium dioxide

2018-12-05 14:20:23

Method for identifying titanium dioxide



Physical method:
1. The easiest way is to compare the feel, the fake titanium dioxide is slippery, and the real titanium dioxide is more sturdy.
2. Water rushing, the hand is stained with titanium dioxide, the fake is easy to wash away, it is really not easy to wash away.
3. Take a cup of water and throw the titanium dioxide into it. The floating is true, and the precipitation is false (if it is activated modified product, it will not work).
chemical method:
1. Blended with light calcium or heavy calcium: Adding dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, bubbles can make clarified lime water turbid, because calcium carbonate reacts with acid to produce carbon dioxide.
2. Blended with Liede powder: Add dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, smell of rotten eggs.
3. Made of latex paint, iron red, dark color, indicating the difference in hiding power is fake or poor quality titanium dioxide.
There are also two better ways:
1. Using the same PP+30%GF+5%PP-G-MAH+0.5% titanium dioxide, the lower the strength, the more true the titanium dioxide (rutile).
2. Select a transparent resin, such as transparent ABS + 0.5% titanium dioxide, measure the light transmittance, the lower the light transmittance, the more true the titanium dioxide.
There are two methods for producing titanium dioxide: the Sulphate Process and the Chloride Process. Among them, 56% are chlorination products, more than 70% of which are produced from DuPont and other titanium dioxide factories in the United States. Other countries, including China's titanium dioxide factories, still use sulfuric acid.


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