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Beta Carotene 10%

Beta Carotene 10%

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Our Product Detail

Description  of this Beta Carotene 10%

The following is about Beta Carotene 10% related Description, I hope to help you better understand Beta Carotene 10% .

For animal premix and compound feed. Improve animal immunity and the survival rate of breeding. Promote animal growth, production performance, especially for female breeding performance. It is effective pigment too.

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Parameter  of this Beta Carotene 10%

The following is about Beta Carotene 10% related Parameter, I hope to help you better understand Beta Carotene 10% .



Molecular weight:


CAS No.:









Heavy metal:





Sieve analysis:

100% Pass sieve No.20(US)


Loss on drying:



≥95% Pass sieve No.30(US)





≤15% Pass sieve No.100(US)



Red-orange free flowing microcapsule




Mg/kg compound feed




Diary cows














Carton, Net Weight:20kg


Shelf life:

24 months



Not dangerous goods(IMDG)



Protect from moisture, oxygen, heat and light.  It should be store in the original unopened containers below temperature 25℃. Once opened, use contents quickly. Keep it in shade and dry places

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Image  of this Beta Carotene 10%

The following is about Beta Carotene 10% related Image, I hope to help you better understand Beta Carotene 10% .


Structural formula:

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Our Factory  of this Beta Carotene 10%

Titanos Group, founded in 1989, specializes in the manufacturing and servicing of Titanium Dioxide and Aluminium Paste, with 12 sub-companies, 4 sales offices, 3 production sites in China. The headquarters located in Qingpu, Shanghai, 15 minutes from Hongqiao Transportation Center.

We are the largest TiO2 supplier in China, sales volume 120, 000MT annually. Major clients include JOTUN, PPG, DIC, POLYONE, KCC ect.

Titanos is also the top 5 manufacturer of Aluminium Paste in China, started to produce in 1998, a new and modern factory was built in Anhui province in 2016. Covering 52,000 m², Capacity 4500MT per year.

With a thorough understanding of chemical market, we develop a wide range of products, like Kaolin, Lithophone, organic pigment, additive, carbon black ect, to service customers.

The company has been accessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO9001:2008 to certify the quality management systems. We also have a research and development center cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University and our products comply with FDA regulations.


“All for the Customers”



Our Service  of this Beta Carotene 10%

We have standardization process in production Beta Carotene 10% , and ensuring our product’s quality.We have professional pre-sales team, they can answer your each questions, which are about beta carotene for children,beta carotene e,best carotenoid supplement,multivitamin no beta carotene,beta carotene powder price,etc.We have hard-working after-sales team, who are providing after-sales service and protection for our clients.


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